• Treatment may be our office or in your home. Our focus is on helping the whole family, not just you, so your family should plan to in participate in family sessions. 
  • sessions are scheduled on a regular basis, once or twice per week, depending on the seriousness of the issues.
  • Treatment is usually about 6 months, but it can be shorter or longer depending on you and your family’s motivation and progress.
  • At the first session, the clinician will help you and your family to develop a treatment plan, which will list the issues and goals you will be working on in treatment.
  • every 3 months, your clinician will discuss your progress in a Treament Plan Review, which you (and your parent , if under 18) will sign.
  • Sometimes, another licensed staff will come to your home, ussually during the first session, to do an assessment and make a diagnosis.
  • if you are having a crisis and your clinician is not available, you can call 911. Crisis includes Baker acts, and homocidal or suicidal thoughts. 
  • by the end of treatment, you should be feeling better and your behavior should be improved.


  • Respect: you and your family will be treated with respect by all Children and Family Place staff. 
  • Anti-Discriminition – Your religious and cultural beliefs will be respected.You will not be treated differently based on your age, race,sex or ethnic group. 
  • Terminating Services- You may  decide to stop any or all services at any time .
  • confidentiality – information about you will not be shared with other people without your permission (or your parent’s, if you are under 18). There are exeptions to this rule, including if we have report suspected abuse or neglect. If we believe someone’s life is in danger, or if a judge orders it. information shared in a individual session with a child may have to shred with a parent, but the clinician will only share information if it is necessary for treatment.
  • record – You have the right to read and have copies of your chart information. However; We might require that we be presented to explain what is written.
  • Grievances – You can make a complaint by contacting the Program administration or affected in any way if you make a complaint. 
  • Attendance – You and your family will keep  appointments made with the clinician. If you cannot make an appointment, call your clinician ahead of time to reschedule. 
  • Participation – You and your family will follow through with the clinician’s recommend actions. Family sessions are required if school-based treatment is being provided. 
  • Notification – You will inform the clinician of any changes to your address or phone number so they can contact you, if we need to. 
  • Payment – You are responsible for any co-payments or deductibles not paid by your insurance. 
  • We will provide consistent, high quality treament to you and your family. if a session has to be cancelled, the clinician will notify you in advance. 
  • We will keep an accurate written record of the treatment we provide. 
  • We have the right to terminate services if you fail to follow through on your responsibilities ( listed above) or if we believe that maximum benefit has been reached. If your treatment is discontinued and you still need help. You will be given a referral to another agency that can help